Trump Travel Ban

Trump Travel Ban

The Trump Travel Ban version 3.0 ruling in U.S. Supreme Court handed Donald Trump among the biggest triumphs of his presidency on Tuesday, upholding his travel restriction targeting several Muslim majority countries.

The 4-5 ruling, with the court’s 5 overly conservatives in the majority and Chief Justice John Roberts communicating the decision, ends in the meantime a fierce battle in the courts over whether the policy represented an unlawful Muslim ban.

Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban

President Donald Trump can now claim vindication after many lower courts had actually obstructed his travel ban announced last September, in addition to 2 prior variations, in legal obstacles brought by the state of Hawaii and other States.

Donald Trump rapidly reacted on Twitter: “Our Supreme Court UPHOLDS Trump Travel Restrictions. Wow!” “I’m still Making America Great Again

The White House subsequently with a statement from Trump touting the decision as a “tremendous success for the American voters and the Constitution.”

“The Supreme Court ruling is likewise a moment of extensive vindication coming after months of hysterical commentary from the fake news media and Democratic politicians who choose not to do what it requires to secure our border and our country,” the statement added.

Writing for the courts, Justice John Roberts stated that the federal government “has actually set forth an adequate national security validation” to prevail.

“We reveal no view on the soundness of the policy,” Justice John Roberts added.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor communicated in a dissent that based on the evidence in this ruling, “a sensible observer had to conclude that the proclamation was motivated with Anti Muslim animosity.”

Sotomayor said her associates arrived at the opposite result by “ignoring the facts, misinterpreting our US legal precedent, and disregarding to the pain and suffering the Proclamation inflicts upon numerous families and individuals, a lot of whom are United States citizens.”

The Trump Travel Ban Countries

Within weeks into his presidency, an executive order impacting tourists from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen caused scenes of disruption at numerous international airports across America.

Once that order was overruled by the courts, the administration decided to compose a second regulation, which included all of the initial nations other than Iraq, instead of appeal the initial ban to the Supreme Court.

With a subsequent order in late September, the administration included Chad, North Korea and Venezuela to the list of restricted countries while removing Sudan. Chad was then taken off two months later.

The High Courts in June and December 2017 allowed two versions of the restriction to work while court challenges ran their course however had not resolved the legal merits of the obstacles until now.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell stated Tuesday Donald Trump “finally got it right” on the Trump travel ban and the United States Supreme Court agrees.

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