Trump Nobel Peace Prize

Trump Nobel Peace Prize

The Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway threw shade on previous President Obama during a short sector on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, reviewing the N Korean Summit that just came to a close in Singapore. She stated, “Look, president Obama, was handed the Nobel Peace Prize. This president is in fact going to truly deserve one.”

Ms Conway was responding to a question about CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was slammed for screaming concerns as President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un walked by the gathered press.

She explained, “Some people in the White House press corps do that routinely. They want to make aspects of them. I’m not offering any names, due to the fact that I do not wish to offer it any oxygen. They make it about me, myself and I. On Twitter they’re a hot mess, snark and bark toward this president and those who work for him, consisting of people in the White House who work for him. Things that would not pass editorial muster? Newspaper– I call it social media muscle– cable television news co-jones. Much of them demonstrate that however don’t have the courage.”

Norwegian Nominates President Trump Nobel Peace Prize

” This N Korean Summit is about peace and prosperity,” Conway continued. “It is not about that correspondent or another correspondent. The president didn’t make it about himself. He made it about a procedure. He made it about doing something excellent for the entire world. Look, the last president, Obama, was handed a Nobel Peace Prize. President Trump, is actually going to truly deserve one.”

Conway went on to state that she herself was “pro-press,” and that, in her view, the president and journalism successfully have “joint custody” of the nation for the remainder of the Trump administration. She stated, “People need to truly determine the best ways to cover this president in a respectful way. They can be skeptical. They can, however there is always a time and a place.”

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