Trump Immigration

Trump Immigration

Take hold my fellow patriots, for we are not alone in the Trump Immigration vision to control our borders which ultimately leads to lost jobs, higher taxes, and a financial burden that forever  increases our deficit because of all the social services that it provides to these immigrants.

If you haven’t taken noticed, other countries that our parents, grandparents, or great, great grandparents have migrated from have been pushing for immigration laws of their own to stop the migration of Islamic nations from entering their country.

Trump Immigration In Europe

Countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have all been battling the Islamic immigration issue for decades. And each election year, the citizens of these countries are becoming more and more frustrated with their liberal leaders about the immigration laws they have abandoned.

The Trump movement of deporting illegal immigrates that are criminals and securing our borders might seem like a new ideal to some of us and one that the liberals all hate, but in reality, this has been a hornets nest for most of Europe long before President Trump ever thought about being the POTUS.

In fact, you will even find a lot of these counties have had a similar slogan as President Trumps “America First” because they believe their citizens should come first, just  as do we do here in America.

The political leaders of these European countries that are aligned with President Trump’s immigration policies are gaining momentum respectively within their government.

Supporting The Trump Immigration In Europe

Here are some of the websites from each country that embraces strong immigration laws. Perhaps reaching out and showing our support to these fine political parties, we can branch out and straighten our own cause by doing so.

United Kingdom










Czech Republic