Midterm Elections 2018

Republican Midterm Elections 2018

The Republican Midterm Elections 2018 is going to need all of our support. When we won the White House in 2016, it was just the beginning for all of us that wanted to “Make America Great Again”.
We have done a lot since 2016, but we still have much more to do and keeping control of the House and Senate is a major objective that we can not lose to the democrats this November.

The democrats are hyping what they are calling the blue-wave. Claiming it’s going to roll over the Republican party in the November Midterm Elections 2018. We can not allow this to happen! If the democrats raise more money then us Republicans, allowing them to dictate the fake news media, they might have a chance on defeating us true red blooded Americans.

That is why it’s so important to fund our Republicans in every state that are running in the November Midterm Elections 2018.
Each Republican we elect in November, is one more Republican seat in the House or Senate. However, if a democrat wins in the Midterm Elections, that is one less Republican seat that we the majority have control over in the House and Senate. We can not afford to lose the majority leadership in the House or Senate this coming November. I can not stress this fact strongly enough. The possibility is there! It will be up to all of us in making sure we get the word out by uniting all of us and help support the “Keep America Great” cause.

We sincerely need to pool all our funding resources so that every Republican candidate that is running in this years midterm, wins!

By funding the Republican party, we can dramatically decrease the blue-wave so that it’s just a muddy ripple in a small sidewalk puddle that we can easily walk over.

Please support our Republican Midterm Elections 2018

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