Korean Summit

First Korean Summit

United States President Donald J. Trump met with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un in sunny Singapore on Tuesday June 12, 2018 for the N Korean Summit the world has been anticipating.

The two leaders President Donald Trump and Dictator Kim Jong-Un shook hands at the island resort called Capella Singapore which was heavily guarded by both countries security forces and exchanged a couple of pleasantry words with each others interpreters before going into the main hotel for their one-on-one conversation that they both looked foreword to.

” I feel truly great being here at the very first Korean Summit with Kim Jong-Un. We’ll going to have a terrific discussion I guarantee you that,” Trump stated to journalism as the two leaders sat briefly. “This is going to have a significantly effective on the entire world. It’s my honor to represent America in this historical summit. We will have a fantastic relationship after this is all over and we fly back home.”

Kim commented that the two leaders overcame a few challenges to be at the summit.

” It wasn’t so easy for us both to come here,” the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un said. “There was a past that snatched our ankles with wrong prejudices and our practices which sometimes might cover our eyes & ears. President Trump and I overcame all that was negative and we are here now.”

After shaking North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un hand, President Trump flashed two thumbs up signal to the media video cameras.

Press reporters evaluating audio from the walk-by said that Kim’s translator stated, “Many people worldwide will think of this as a … kind of fantasy … from a sci-fi motion picture,” an interpretation of what North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un stated to Trump.

President Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un met for about forty minutes at the first Korean Summit between these two nations prior to walking over to the 2nd meeting with members of their personnel. Both leaders, President Trump and Dictator Kim Jong-Un waved at the press as Trump stated they were going to have a “very, great, excellent relationship now that they met and know each other.”

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