Drain The Swamp

“Drain The Swamp”
In Washington

Our agenda has always been about “Drain The Swamp” in Washington. The Republican Party has always been about less governing, or less bloat in the government sectors.

We have dramatically drained away much of the bloat that the¬†democrats had installed. The fake news won’t report the fact that the majority Offices to the Chief of Staff run their agency’s mostly themselves now, without a bunch of highly over priced upper and middle management of the old administration that only prolonged far too much red tape bureaucracy within their cabinet.

Our current administration, which no one talks about, has removed more high paying government officials then any other Presidential office in history, saving you, the tax payers millions of your hard earned tax dollars every year. This is just the start of our movement to “Drain The Swamp” in Washington. We need to continue the fight this coming November 2018 in perhaps the most significant midterm elections we have had in decades.
If we fail to raise enough funds prior to the 2018 midterm elections and the democrats win the majority of the November midterm elections from us Republicans, they could take over the Majority leadership in the House and Senate giving them full control of your government once again.

This will reverse the drainage process needed in Washington and will once again start filling in the swamp back up with over paid liberal bureaucratic pencil pushers that want to give away our American dream to foreign interest groups that undermined our values and take away our jobs.

We know for a fact there has been a witch hunt by these same far liberals in undermining your President which the American people elected fairly in 2016 by falsely claiming some collusion hoax in co-hoots with the never ending fake media, in hopes to over throwing the Presidency.

If we don’t support our Republican candidates now, for the November midterm elections, these liberals will likely try to over-take the White House with the newly elected majority democrats of the House and Senate if they win this coming November.

Don’t let the democrats throw your President out of the White House.

Support¬† “Keep America Great”.
Every dollar will “Drain The Swamp” in Washington that much faster.