Keep The Light Burning by
Supporting “Keep America Great”

Re-elect our Republican friends. Choose your nomination and support Keep America Great by voting.

Perhaps the most important midterm election in decades is upon us and we all need to play a vital role to Keep America Great prior to the November Republican Midterm Elections 2018.

It is imperative that each one of us contacts a friend, a family member, neighbors, co-workers, and all our social media friends we chat with on supporting the Republican candidate running for elections this coming November.

By reaching out to everyone we know and stressing the urgency you have shown by funding this cause, will dramatically increase our chances of having yet another giant Trump victory this coming November.

Your actions is desperately needed because the fake news media is riding the cancer causing blue-wave we have heard and seen on TV.  If the fake news media continues promoting their message on TV, in the crooked democrat newspapers and magazines, we’ll need far more funding to balance the scales by promoting our own media message “Keep America Great” in every state that is electing a Republican candidate this coming November.

Not only will your contribution increase our chances of winning, but just as important is the word of mouth to everyone we know on how important funding this cause is right NOW! So please, don’t stop here!

Spread the word to as many of your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, and every social media friend and outlet you have access to.
The more people you contact and spreading our message about “Keep America Great”, the better chances we’ll have of defeating the liberal democrats again this coming November in the Midterm Elections 2018.

We can not underestimate the democrats with their fake media support and the large donations they are receiving from their liberal friends.

We need to crush this blue-wave with the likes of a
Republican category 5 hurricane called “Keep America Great”
that will sweep the entire nation.

Make your contribution here and then pass the word on.

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